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Chumak Karina

Chumak Karina

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Professional competence movnokomunikatyvna


Word – one of the tools of professional activities of doctors, teachers, lawyers, managers, journalists and others. From the wealth of vocabulary, language and culture of speech technology is largely dependent professional skills, image and success of the individual.

Professional speech communication is within the scope of professional communicators and interaction can occur orally or in writing, formal or informal circumstances.

Forms, terms of communication, multidimensional professional people determine the variability of forms of verbal communication.

For example, the conditions of communication (formal – informal) depends lexical-semantic structure of speech: official communication involves lexicon official-business style, informal – vocabulary conversational style.

Professional communicative competence involves primarily the availability of professional knowledge and general humanitarian culture of man, his ability to navigate the world around them, skills and communication skills. Thatis, itisbasedoncommunicativecompetence.