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The style of Ukrainian language for professional purposes

Discipline “The style of Ukrainian language for professional purposes” refers to the disciplines of social and humanitarian training (optional) Block 2 “speaking subjects” and is intended for bachelors all areas of training, technical, humanitarian and socio-economic fields.

Mastered the program, the student will form such competence:

define the basic language concepts, give them a description, perform exercises based on rules and studied them;

enjoy the right vocabulary to successfully solve problems and challenges in their professional activities;

give assessment of legal acts concerning prohibitions and harassment Ukrainian language;

perform logical thinking actions – analyze, will compare linguistic phenomena, the theory will match the language works of ancient literature and modern literature, carry out experiments, evaluate the perceived information, operating linguisticand non linguistic concepts.

After mastering the discipline, students must demonstrate the following learning outcomes:


genre and stylistic features of texts of different styles;

basic theoretical issues related to the establishment and development of the Ukrainian language;

Spelling principles of modern Ukrainian literary language;

basic norms of modern Ukrainian literary language;

rules for constructing complex sentences and use punctuation marks between their parts;

laws of logical thinking and their operations;

causes of deviations language and how to address them.

the ability to:

find the most appropriate lexical and grammatical tools for each speech situation;

appropriate to use different levels of language units in functional styles Ukrainian broadcasting;

perform logical thinking action – to analyze, compare linguistic phenomena, theory, evaluate the perceived information, operating and pozalinhvistychnymy known linguistic concepts;

different stages of the types of dictionaries in the translation and editing of scientific texts.