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The article is called “Philantropy activity of Tereshchenko’s family” and focused on the life and career of the great Ukrainian public figures. The author highlights the most significant aspects of the twentieth century philanthropic activities undertaken by Nicholas Tereshchenko and members of his family, emphasizing the importance of their charitable affairs in the cultural sphere, for the educational and mental lifes. The attention is focused on the fact that Tereshchenko’s family left not only a priceless collection of art, but for their support was also built the main buildings of the Polytechnic Institute, Theatre Institute of Karpenko-Karyi, National Art Museum of Ukraine, and completed a painting of the Volodymyr’s cathedral. In conclusion we can say that not one city in Ukraine thanks Tereshchenko’s family for their beautiful temples and cultural, as we remember with gratitude and pride.

The article is addressed to a wide range of readers who are interested in the history of culture of Ukraine XIX – XX centuries and in famous patrons.