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Culture Broadcasting scientific technical specialist

Discipline «Culture Broadcasting scientific technical specialist” refers to the disciplines of social and humanitarian training (optional) Block 2 “speaking subjects” and is intended for bachelors all areas of training, technical, humanitarian and socio-economic fields.

The proposed discipline will help expand and improve the communicative competence of students of Ukrainian scientific language, and development needs in the regulatory use of scientific language tools for the successful presentation of the results of scientific research; help to learn language means scientific text

Mastered the program, the student will form such competence:

learn to apply the rules of scientific culture of speech;

knowledge to own stylistic means scientific text;

can successfully present the results of scientific research;

understand perfectly and will have scientific and technical terminology;

knowledge to search for scientific and technical information in the virtual space.

After mastering the discipline, students must demonstrate the following learning outcomes:


subject-logical structure and stages of scientific text;

the effective scientific communication;

genre varieties scientific style, features Ukrainian scientific language;

features summarizing, annotating, abstracting scientific sources;

language tools of scientific information in the scientific text;

mandatory requirements for the design of scientific information;

compositional logic of constructing oral scientific reports, messages, speech.

the ability to:

use the rules of language processing scientific texts of different genres in the professional field;

analyze texts of different genres of scientific style;

Create and edit text scientific work according to the requirements of scientific style, including using of information technology;

own culture oral presentation and participate in scientific debate, controversy, dispute.

working with academic, educational, scientific, literature of reference.


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