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Mikhail Lomonosov Theorist Russian rhetoric

 Every great man is unique in its kind. The historical course of scientists in each of them a definite problem and a definite place.

Lomonosov – the most famous Russian educator, was born into a poor peasant family in winter 1711. From an early age helped his father Michael, floating with him on the court in the White Sea and in the North Arctic Ocean. With natural thirst for knowledge, Mikhail already at 14 learned to read, he read all the books at the time.

M.Lomonosov – Russian theorist of rhetoric, the great Russian scholar and lexicographer, founder of materialist philosophy in Russia, a poet. Laid the foundations of the modern Russian literary language, became the theorist of rhetoric as the author of "Brief guidance for krasnorechyyu", "Brief for posobyya rhetoric in honor lovers of literature", "Rossiyskaya grammar".Mikhail Lomonosov wrote: "Eloquence is the art of all this matterredder say the same pryhylyayuchy other to his opinion about it. "Scientific structure classified as public speech: introduction, interpretation,approval, to enter. For a successful impact on the audience itrecommended that familiar person, the state of the speaker, the state of the audience – age,sex, education, habits, education; power of eloquence. Oratormust have their passions, and exciting to be able to put out their

feelings, then listeners will know that this man is honest and conscientious, it is not

those strange passion that she wants to excite the audience.Lomonosov merits in the field of art and culture contemporariesfollowers saw in his poetic, rhetorical creation and developmentRussian."Lomonosov – a creative genius, the father of our poetry, he firsttried to embark on that to him no one opened, hadthe courage to make rhyming language which seemed unfavorablematerial for poetry … he opened to us the beauty and richness of ourlanguage, gave us a sense of harmony, discovered its charm and removed it… By the rude glory of the great poet, he adds successful titlewriter, his laudable speech Peter Velykomu- immortal work, which

brings praise and hero and author, courageous, high eloquence in thisspeech is boundless, easily expressed here exalted genius whois always above what he creates. "