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STORYTELLING in teaching practice: development communicative potential

Storytelling (story – the story; telling – telling) – is an effective method of providing information to the audience by telling funny, touching or instructive stories from real or fictional characters. For the first time introduced the wider audience it head of the US corporation Armstrong International – David Armstrong. Its essence is simple: “The best way to present your own idea or yourself, to transfer knowledge or motivation to work – to tell the story” [1]. In developing his method, David Armstrong took into account that the psychological factor of history more meaningful, exciting, interesting and easier to associate with personal experience than rules or guidelines. They are best remembered, they provide more value and their impact on people’s behaviour is stronger. Today storytelling used not only in business but also in other spheres of human activity: marketing, coaching, public speaking skills, and recently became an innovation in education.

Storytelling includes various directions – it intertwined psychology and pedagogy, didactics and acting. Here, the more your vocabulary, the better your self-confidence; What inquiring minds, the best way history.

Type stories used in storytelling depends usually on the audience for which it is intended. In the history of any kind, there are several key principles that distinguish it from a simple narrative:

• Availability of character;

• Availability of intrigue;

• existence of the plot.

The character in the story should be as close to the audience, because otherwise the audience will not empathize with him, cannot “try” the image of the character itself. And this is precisely one of the main objectives storytelling – to make the audience a direct participant stories.

Intriguing history allows to keep the audience’s attention, it makes listening history, looking forward to what will end it. However, too tighten the intrigue should not be, otherwise the audience’s attention is not enough to listen to the story to the end.

The plot ever need required. It is usually a classic, that is built as a “chain” of ties, development, climax and denouement.