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Nataliia Bondarenko

 Presentation “A great story of a small town”was prepared by Nataliia Bondarenko, the third course student of Institute for Applied System Analysis, (DA-32 group) along with the report for the students’ research and training conference “Ukrainian culture”. It is a unique creative work. The author in her report, which was accompanied with twenty one slides demonstration, uncovers the history of settlement and land invasion of a modern city BilhorodDnistrovskyi. The following items are presented: the place of archeological excavations of ancient Greek town-state Tira which is located under the walls of medieval fortress, several photos of general view and other constructions on the territory of former Akkerman fortress, its plan and photo reproductions of struggles pictures and portrait images of famous commanders which ran battle actions under the fortress walls. Separate slides present feature film shooting which took place on the fortress territory.