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Anastasia Shapovalova

 Anastasia Shapovalova, FPM, MP-51

Professional speech problems and solutions at this stage

  Culture professional broadcasting – one of the most important components of professional culture specialist who ensures its competitiveness in the present and future labor market can solve production problems, based on the ability to communicate and collaborate with different people.

This system of communication standards, knowledge, skills and values ​​that are realized in the interaction of professionals and a factor that accompanies his professional career in production and causes its professional-communicative orientation.

Thus, possession of professional speech culture is essential for every professional. At present we face many challenges professional broadcasting. For example, some experts do not know his professional terminology direction or use too limited its number. It may even happen so that people having the same profession can not understand each other because each of them a little versed in various fields. Our society must think more broadly, provide the opportunity to explore diverse selection of professional terms. In other words, universality – the call for the activities of modern professionals. Zashorenist no longer in fashion, the worse the level of professional broadcasting the less labor, which has access to expert. You can also often meet with lexical, grammatical, stylistic and spelling errors in the use of the term professional broadcasting. The reasons for this are:

• First, too common "Russisms." Unfortunately, at present there is insufficient number of professional literature in Ukrainian language makes itself felt in the former USSR Ukraine stay;

• Second, not enough high level specialized terms of teaching in schools and colleges. Entering university, students take exams only from "standard", so to speak, Ukrainian, not least given some minimal knowledge of terms aimed at selected professional activities.

One way to solve this problem is to introduce as many workshops for various professional directions. Maybe we should think about the terminologies professional integration of related specializations to enlarge horizons bodied applicants for jobs








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