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Workshop students ESC “IASA”, III course

             "Ukrainian culture in the context of globalization"                        Workshop students ESC "IASA", III course
Third year student of ESC "IASA" NTU "KPI" took an active part in the scientific workshop on "Ukrainian culture in th
context of globalization" (Luke nauk.kerivnyk Assoc .. "Yanchuk LY), held on 22 December 2015

Subjects performances of students was devoted to problems of Culture of Ukraine in the twentieth century. and in the information society at the end of XX XXI century.
The workshop heard reports and discussed 9. Among them: "Ukrainian culture in the context of globalization" (Kuzaka O.),
"Prospects for the preservation and development of national Ukrainian culture in the context of the information society" (Krasheninnikov AD),
"Language Policy in the Post- Soviet Ukraine" (E. Akinfayeva),
" Mythology "superpowers": techniques and principles of consolidation in the minds of the idea of "superiority" of the nation "(Poustovit AD),
Gains and losses of Ukrainian culture in the second half of the twentieth century. "(M. Velmyk),
Features of the modern Ukrainian art "( Mulyava G.), "The development of Ukrainian music in the twentieth century." (A. Kudryavtsev),
"Ukrainian pop music of the second half of the XX XXI century." (V. Kostyuk),
as a form of ideological expression" (E. Kurochkin) .

His performances, students argued materials contained in the presentations given reasoned answers to questions during mooring discussion.


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