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The style of the modern Ukrainian language

The course “The style of the modern Ukrainian language” refers to the disciplines of social and humanitarian training (optional) Block 2 “speaking subjects” and is intended for bachelor direction 6.020303 – “Philology”

Mastered the program, the student will form such competence:

identify systemic speech styles of modern Ukrainian language, which formed during the speech activities of linguistic material under the extra-linguistic factors;

highlight and explain the stylistic features of language units in texts of all styles of modern Ukrainian literary language;

apply stylistic techniques, how to use language material in accordance with the conditions and target instruction;

assess the stylistic possibilities of linguistic resources;

obviously more relevant factor in phonetics, vocabulary, phraseology, grammar derivation and means of oral and written language in accordance with the design, style and expressive-emotional orientation;

editing texts correctly and stylistically perfect konstruyuvatyme into any style and genre.

After mastering the discipline students after mastering demonstrate the following learning outcomes:


current trends in the development of modern Ukrainian language;

basic concepts and categories of Ukrainian linguostylistics;

stylistic features of language units at all levels, both real and potential;

patterns of functioning of the Ukrainian language in various spheres of public life, in situations of communication;

functional styles Ukrainian literary language to determine their consistency speech

the ability to:

stylistically differentiated material according to the needs of communication;

analyze texts of various styles, describe their characteristics;

identify and eliminate stylistic errors in language material;

have major public speech genres (lecture, message);

use language etiquette according to the situation of communication.



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