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History of Ukrainian culture: national code

The course “History of Ukrainian culture: national code” refers to the disciplines of social and humanitarian training (optional) Block 6 “Social and humanities №1» is intended for bachelors and direction 6.020303 – “Philology”

Mastered the program, the student will form such competence:

take vital need Axiological important national idea, particularly in the current context of globalization of the world and the process of European integration;

realized on the basis of the knowledge in the social, professional, personal sphere as patriotic formed intellectually mature personality;

extrapolated to certain methods for external socio-cultural phenomenon landmark fixing the level of information.

After mastering the discipline, students must demonstrate the following learning outcomes:


patterns of development history of Ukrainian culture as the logic of cultural-historical process;

the main stages of world humanity formed at different stages of its history, the peculiarities of kulturogeneza as ethnogenesis and acquisition of national content “cultural world view” in Ukraine;

the heyday of Ukrainian culture – given the fact that it is at these stages are laid attitudinal characteristics mentality that in subsequent periods of culture are reflected in the formation of an integrated system, the ecosphere axiosphere and cultural life.

the ability to:

sociocultural diagnose the state of modern Ukrainian society, identify its main problems and priority needs;

show that the history of Ukrainian culture, including its culturological reflection, reflection is a scientific ideas about the nature of culture and socio-cultural processes facing the ideological needs of modern man;

integrate their activities in a cultural environment, taking into account certain specific places of social and cultural elements in the cultural context.