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History of  Ukrainian Culture in the context of the World (multimedia software)

The course “History of  Ukrainian Culture in the context of the World (multimedia software)” refers to the disciplines of social and humanitarian training (optional) Block 6 “socially-humanitarian disciplines №1» is intended for bachelors and all areas of technical training, humanitarian and social and economic specialties.

Mastered the program, the student will form such competence:

Understand the place of  Ukrainian culture in the history of modern world and European culture;

form a scientific worldview that promote creative activity in a globalized world and European integration processes;

determine its position for strategic understanding of their professional development;

realize the specifics of Ukrainian national culture;

will focus in the processes of globalization from the perspective of national identity.

After mastering the discipline, students must demonstrate the following learning outcomes:


theprinciples of Ukrainian culture from the birth of the modern state;

thenature of Ukrainian culture and socio-cultural processes in the context of world civilization;

thebasics of the integration of cultural values ​​in human activity;

the heyday of Ukrainian culture – given the fact that it is at these stages are laid attitudinal characteristics mentality that in subsequent periods of culture are reflected in the formation of an integrated system, the ecosphere axiosphere and cultural life.

the ability to:

determine the place of Ukrainian culture in the global context;

create thematic presentations under the program training module;

analyze the socio-cultural status of Ukrainian culture, identify the major problems and priority needs;

classify achieves of national culture, using synchronic and diachronic features links;

integrate their activities in a cultural environment with national elements.


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