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Specificity of non-artistry in fiction

Gerasymchuk V.A. Specificity of non-artistry in fiction // Aktualni filosofski ta kulturolohichni problemy suchasnosti: Zb. nauk. pr. – K.:Vydav. centr KNLU, 2006. –
№ 18. – P. 33–41.

Lack of the art in fiction is not equivalent to the concept of lack of art in scientific text, although it correlates with it; it can only be studied in terms of artistic expression of scientific thinking. The correlation between fiction and non-fiction component of a text in terms of a single text is considered in the article as well as peculiarities of operation of non-artistic components in the text. The ambivalent behavior created by the unique genre of a text is thoughtfully studied. The phenomenon of non-artistic means appearing in fiction is regarded as one demanding a special treatment in terms of its analysis, proper metalanguage that broadens the field of research including cultural methods of interpretation of this phenomenon.