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Poetonyms as means of artistic characteristic

Gerasymchuk V.A., Nechyporenko A.F. Poetonyms as means of artistic characteristic // Dyvoslovo. – 1999. – № 11. – P. 14–19.

The ideological and semantic role of poetonyms (poetic names) used in the literature is revealed in the article. Clusters of names are analyzed on the example of realistic and romantic Ukrainian texts. They are unusual and normal, with a hint and with implicit meaning. As a result, major features of characters appear as well as a general prospect of Ukrainian reality.
A kind of artistic means to widen the content of the text is separately considered. Poetonyms containing double meanings of type interlocking concepts, such as in I. Nechuy Levitsky (baba Palazhka and baba Paraska) in Gogol (Dobchinsky – Bobchinsky, Kifa Mokiyovych – Mokiy Kifovych, Ivan Ivanovych – Ivan Nykyforovych) are also studied. The image does not split in two, even though its shape splits. That shape is expressed with poetonym.