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Dialogue of cultures in social interaction

Sydorenko L.M. Lecturer, National Technical University of Ukraine
“KPI”, Ukraine
Dialogue of cultures in social interaction

The article discusses issues of mutual influence of historical and cultural processes of East and West. Under the influence of external factors on the East creates a culture so-called “new model”. Traditional human mentality is changing in the East, which could not but affect the culture and language. We analyze how to solve the problem posed and the dialogue of cultures of East and West.
Presents the historical approach of the West and East cultures in a variety of experience particular social and cultural practices in the immediate vzaemodi subjects. Culture is considered from the point of view of a historical approach – some historical integrity. The article gives a temporary specificity of functional, symbolic and ideological grounds, which, in our view, determines the nature of the relationship to other cultures, forms and methods of cultural exchange and interaction.
Key words:: language, traditions, cultural dialogue, spiritual principles.