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Translation of Taras Shevchenko in the German-speaking world

The report is devoted to the study of the history of the translation of Taras Shevchenko in the German-speaking world. Yes, oratress noticed that work on translations in German Shevchenko started not in Germany but in Bukovina, where in 1870 Tyrolean gymnasium teacher and writer Johann Georg Obrist published in Chernivtsi zbirochku some poems and fragments of poems of the poet.
The first edition of a book of translations of Shevchenko in the territory of Germany was a collection of Julia Verhiniyi, published in Leipzig in 1911. “Ausgewählte Gedichte vou Taras Schewtschenko”. This work is a writer, popularized in Europe. On the Ukrainian language is Zelib helped Arthur, a German from Galicia. An interesting and qualitative issued in two volumes titled “Der Kobzar” translations of the same E. Weinert, and other site – Alfred Kurelly, Hedy Tsinner, Herbert Huppert and others.
Speaker read out translations of Shevchenko in German and drew attention to the features of the sound.