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Modern English translations of TG Shevchenko

Modern English translations of TG Shevchenko
In its report, the student drew attention to the fact that English is the most common in Ukraini proclaimed 2016 the year of English, so English translations provide an opportunity to establish itself in the Ukrainian culture in the world culture. Thus, when considering this issue special attention was paid to the appearance of Shevchenko in the English-speaking world. So far, more than eighty translators trying to bring Shevchenko word to the English reader. For a long time working on the translation of poetry Shevchenko American Slavic Professor Michael Naydan. He translated 14 works of Taras Shevchenko. The student said that not all translations are successful because many people now want to be known by the immortal poetry of Shevchenko. Thus, the British writer of Ukrainian origin Shpak Andy (Andy Szpuk) posted on his page on January 3, 2012 own translation of the poem “Fate” (Fate), comments on this translation as the beginning of work on shifting “poet” who gave him father. Although Andy Shpak himself wrote about Shevchenko: “Ukrainian festival honor his work and life, and its influence on Ukrainian literature and culture of huge” – but poetic force Shevchenko words he personally feel and comprehend through translation obviously failed.


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