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Today Ukraine is confidently on the path of market economy and social life is largely focused on the example of developed foreign countries. Given this reality it is necessary to name appearing in the historical development. The easiest way to use the vocabulary existing in European languages. However, in this way we can meet a number of challenges that have an interesting history.
Cigarette borrowing carriers Ukrainian language ambiguous: there are people who advocate the complete absence of foreign words, and there are speakers that are loyal to the foreign words. This prevailing view that borrowing needed only when warranted.
It is known that one of the most common forms of support autochthonous language, its culture and improving called linguistic purism. In a narrow sense, the concept of “purism” meant an excessive desire to make inviolable linguistic norms, in other words – chuzhomovnyh protect from impacts. Usually the word is used with a disapproving tone. More broadly understood concept in this activit y that does not meet the current level of knowledge of the language and does not account fully its immediate needs. Thus, value basis of linguistic purism – contrasting concepts of “his” and “alien”. A breeding ground for this phenomenon is the high level of national consciousness – growth or spikes depending on various social and political circumstances.
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