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Qualitative restructuring of the educational process in higher education is not possible without improving traditional approaches and teaching methods radically update the content of language education and implementing effective learning technologies, including case-technology or method of analysis of situations.
The method of situational training (case-method) is considered as a continuous process aimed at a systematic, purposeful description, study, analysis of the reality, which is used not only for learning how to form new psychological, pedagogical and professional qualities and skills [2].
According to research by Professor Yu.P.Surmina case-method teaching based on the following principles:
– Individual approach to each student;
– Independent election forms and methods of teacher training;
– Providing students with a sufficient number of handouts;
– Not to burden students’ theoretical material;
– The possibility of cooperation between teacher and student;
– Formation of students’ skills to work with information;
– Focus on the strengths of students [3, p. 64].
Case – a description of the situation is a means of immersion learning process in a professional context [1]. This led to the introduction and case-study method on the theme “Business written communication” in learning the Ukrainian language for professional purposes.