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Gaius Julius Caesar – The best speaker of Rome

The report talked about the best ancient Roman orator – Gaius Julius Caesar. It is reported that he was elected to various positions, but in 82 year was forced to leave Rome.Later, Caesar wanted to master the art of oratory, so in 75 BC, he went to Rhodes to the teacher Molon.

Unfortunately, along the way he was captured by pirates and was forced to pay a large sum for his ransom.Julius captured the pirate fortress and crucified captives.In addition, Caesar distinguished himself in the war with Gaul, defeated Pompey, Parnach, Cato the Younger.The Senate saw that he achieves success. Therefore, they wanted him to come back to Rome. However, Caesar knew that will not be able to return without the war to Rome.So some time passed, and he crossed the river Rubicon. Caesar won war.During the battle rose up the legions. He addressed them with the word "Citizens" then the people followed him.

So, Julius Caesar used the rhetoric not as the art of influence on people, but how to achieve power. He wanted to become a dictator, therefore he used an apt phrase, for example: "I Came, I saw, I conquered!"





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