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Michael Mohyla as shevchenkoznavets (Encyclopedic article)

The article shows how M.Mohylyanskoho activity and literary critic, popularizer of Ukrainian literature. Researched articles, reviews and exploration of creativity Shevchenko, with whom he performed in the first decades of the twentieth century in Ukrainian and Russian periodicals. It traces the origins and evolution shevchenkoznavchoyi issues in M.Mohylyanskoho, marked his search work on a number of autographs Shevchenko, their preparatory work for publication. It was found obstanovyny work on "Diary" poet, considered the most important posts in Shevchenko anniversaries. The analysis reviews M.Mohylyanskoho on most notable publications and publications for anniversaries, annual surveys Ukrainian literature. Characterized the cultural development of the nation and the role it figures Shevchenko stressed value created in the Institute of Literature of the Taras Shevchenko participate in its publications.