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Internet Olympiad “Movosvit Shevchenko” (for students of linguistics)

Internet Olympiad "Movosvit Shevchenko" (for students of linguistics)

2014 – the year of the 200th anniversary of the famous figure of Ukrainian culture, the founder of Ukrainian Taras Shevchenko. By this anniversary held at the Faculty of Linguistics Internet Olympiad "Movosvit Shevchenko", which aims to promote the work of master of words, engage in scientific studies texts Kobzar raise these connoisseurs native language and patriots. The objectives supports a knowledge dictionary language writer, synonymous relations in phraseology part of the Ukrainian language as an example "
Primer" defining features of Taras Shevchenko poetry translation in Russian translation skills assessment in different years, and expressing an opinion on the contribution to the development poet native language. Work is performed in printed form and sent to the organizing committee for review. Results posted on the department’s website.