Graduated from Kyiv National University name dafter Taras Shevchenko, faculty of history and philosophy in 1967

Works at the department from 1993

Degree – Candidate of Historical Sciences.

Teaches subjects: "History of Ukrainian culture."

Contact: (067) 247-78-23


Web-page –

Scientific research

"We are all different, we are all equal" // World Literature in the modern school. –

K .: "Education News", 2012, No4. – p.9-10.

"Hey you, words, help me!" // Ukrainian language and literature in middle schools, high schools and colleges. – K., 2006, No9-10. – p.74-75.

"Thе reis no better langage than mother tongue" // Dialogist, No1, 2005. – p.58. (co-author)

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Influence of Mykhail Dragomanov on shaping the world view of Lesia Ukrainka//Philological Bulletin: Coll. Science. works NTU "KPI". – Vol. 2. – p. 139-160

Specifi city trans for mation of Ukrainian culturein the late XX – XXI century .: Team. Reports and Presentations of IIIrdyear students FPM "KPI" on Scientific Conference on the "History of Ukrainian culture" course / leaded by Lukyanchuk LY / under super vivsion of Lukyanchuk LY – Issue 1.. – K. PL "KPI", December 2014 (Annex FPM)

Ukrainian culture in the context of globalization / end XX – the beginning of XXI century. /: Team. Reports and Presentations of IIIrd year students ESC IASA"KPI" at scientific conferences course "History of Ukrainian culture "/ leaded by Lukyanchuk LY / under supervivsion of Lukyanchuk LY – Issue 1.. – K., FL "KPI", December 2014 (Annex IPSA)

Methodical work

Lukyanchuk LY Set of didactic materials for the course "Ukrainian culture History" for students of all faculties" KPI ". – Kyiv, 2012.- 28p. The electronic version.

Lukyanchuk LY, Myslovych NM, Onufrienko AP Training program

for "History of Ukrainian Culture" course for the FMM (full-time


Lukyanchuk LY Setof materials for credit module "Cultural Studies" for

1st year Students.



 – 23.09 – 2.11.2011 Advance trainingin "Institute of Post graduate Education NTUU "KPI". Certificate of Higher Education12SPK 723 982 2.11.2011 p. 


 – 12.05.2012 – 12.17.2012. Passed training program "Use of ‘E-Campus "" KPI "in learning, teaching research activities in "Institute of Postgradu ate Education NTUU "KPI". Certificate No3244. 


– 03.02.2015 – 03.12.2015Took a course in" Institute of Postgraduate Education NTUU "KPI" for training program "Development and use of web resources training discipline. "

Organizational and educational activities

II University Scientific Practical Internet Conference "Ukrainian culture: Past, Present, Prospects ".

Inter university Scientific Conference "Ukrainian Culture: yesterday, today and always "

Interuniversity scientific conference of students "Phenomenon T. Shevchenko in the context of Ukrainian culture "

Scientific conference "Trans formation specificity Ukrainian culture of the late XX – XXI century"

 Scientific and practical conference "Ukrainian culture in the context of globalization processes (XX – beg. XIX century)