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Problems of teaching rhetoric in technical higher education

The modern approach to language education requires the comprehensive development of a competent person who is able to use language justifiably and competently in a variety of situations. Applicants, and then - professionals, must be able not only to speak their native language, but also to build meaningful, grammatically and stylistically competent expression depending on the communication situation.

Andriy Kurkov

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Contemporary Ukrainian writer and one of the most interesting and famous figures of the modern Ukrainian literary process. All of Andrei Kurkov's books are distinguished by bright characters and absorbing, fascinating plots. Eight films were written by this writer, and in 2014 he was awarded the Order of the Legion of Honor of France.

Maksym Tadeyovych Rylsky - the poet and translator

Ukrainian traditional poetics has reached its greatest development, combining simplicity and depth. In Rylsky's poems the feeling of love for the Motherland in Ukraine is especially deeply revealed. A full understanding of the essence of existence in the poet's work finds a peaceful harmonious expression, although the political climate of totalitarian states limited creative freedom and significantly distorted the theme and ideological world of his poetry.