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Research interests of teachers of faculty

Research interests of teachers of faculty are in various scientific fields – lexicology, lexicography, philosophy of language, language teaching methods, theory of literature, stylistics, sociolinguistics, translation theory, semiotics.

Humanitarian Activities Department as the unit determines the orientation of the Polytechnic University of significant scientific developments of the teaching staff. In particular, this is due to the attention lexicographical study of language.

Fundamental to modern polytechnic education is bilingual lexicographical work Onufrienko OP .: “New English-Ukrainian Polytechnic Dictionary” (emphasis. Butnyk V. (2008, ~ 125,000 units.) And “New German-Ukrainian Polytechnic Dictionary” ( work in progress). Compact sectoral dictionaries developed RESHETYLOVA KV ( “Russian-Ukrainian dictionary of technical terminology” (E. resource – K .: “KPI” 2012 – 86s. and “Russian-Ukrainian dictionary of welding terminology” ( vyd.z labeled e. means teach. designation ZB 8 / 3-12). – K .: “KPI” 2012 – 66s.) Berezhnaya and GV ( “Russian-Ukrainian mathematical dictionary” (~ 1000 units.), scheduled for publication in 2012).

Monolingual dictionaries humanitarian thematic orientation designed Rainbow NG, LN Sidorenko, Tilnyak NV ( “Dictionary of Cultural Directory”, 2008. – 154s.).These works used in educational practice polytechnic university, have a self-sufficient value as a source of codified knowledge about the world that creates the foundation for deploying learning of modern man.

The question of teaching methods, the educational process have received coverage in the papers Gerasymchuk VA, OI Karbowska, Bulb “Yanchuk LY, Onufrienko OP Tilnyak NV

The theoretical foundations of the study of vocabulary dedicated a number of works on lexicology (Berezovenko AV Myslovych NM Sidorenko LM Tilnyak NV), including paremiolohiyi (Bratus MF) and terminography (AP Onufrienko, RESHETYLOVA KV, Tilnyak NV), the theory of translation (Onufrienko OP, Sidorenko LM), linguistic interference (Onufrienko OP RESHETYLOVA K.V .).

An important part of the scientific achievements of teachers of the department is to study the philosophy of language and semiotics (Berezovenko AV Gerasymchuk VA) linguostylistics and linhvopoetyky (Bratus MF, AF Nechiporenko) lingvostranovedeniya (MF Bratus .,, culture (Gerasymchuk VA Dynikova L.SH. Novak OM Onufrienko OP), sociolinguistics (Berezovenko AV), literature (YL Bondarenko, V. Gerasymchuk A. Nechiporenko AF Novak OM Onufrienko AP).

The wide range and interdisciplinary nature of the research interests of the faculty of the department provides a high level of teaching a variety of subjects Humanities block polytechnic education.


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