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About Us

The department of Ukrainian language, literature and culture was founded on October 5, 1989 to provide an in-depth study of Ukrainian for students and staff of the University. It was the first department of Ukrainian studies in technical universities of Ukraine. The department joined to Faculty of Linguistics which was founded in 1995.

The department of Ukrainian Language, Literature and Culture joined a highly qualified team of creative professionals who provide teaching of basic and special philological disciplines and several basic humanitarian courses of Bachelor’s curricula at all faculties NTU "KPI".

The department provides teaching of the following subjects for full-time and part-time students: Ukrainian language, Ukrainian language for professional purposes, business Ukrainian language, Ukrainian language for beginners, Ukrainian language for teachers, modern Ukrainian language, history of Ukrainian culture, Ukrainian and foreign culture, Foreign culture, Ukrainian and foreign culture of the 20th century, Introduction to Linguistics, General Linguistics, History of modern Ukrainian literature, Editing basics, Culture of judicial speech.

The staff of department consisted of 24 full-time lecturers and one half-time worker in the 2013-2014 academic year (10 lecturers have PhD and 1 Grand PhD).

The main focus areas of the department are: 

- High-quality Ukrainian language education for students of all faculties to enhance their understanding of Ukrainian scientific and technical terminology; 

- Teaching the history of Ukrainian culture in the context of European and world cultural community that encourages students to defend their position, professional integration of their own activities in the cultural environment of modern Ukraine and the world; 

- The training materials development; 

- Providing advice in mastering and improving language skills for students, faculty and staff of the University, foreign students.

Department staff conducts the research in the following areas: 

- The modern Ukrainian language by professional orientation and culture of speech for technical faculties; 

- The modern Ukrainian language and culture of speech for translators; 

- Ukrainian in the world; 

- Scientific and technical terminology; 

- Culturology terminology. 

The Ukrainian Cultural Centre ( was founded on the base of the department since 2008. Center organizes and conducts educational programs for students of NTU "KPI" and foreigners, competitions, student scientific conferences, professional meetings, “round tables”, scientific seminars, development of international relations and more. Director of the Center is Associate professor Onufrienko O.P. 

The department staff actively collaborates with faculty and staff of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and different Ukrainian universities: Ukrainian Institute of NAS of Ukraine, T.G. Shevchenko Institute of Literature, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, KyivNationalUniversity by Taras Shevchenko, NationalPedagogicalUniversity by M.P. Drahomanov, NationalAviationUniversity. 

The Department is the initiator and organizer of the Uuniversity seminar "Prominent figures of Ukrainian studies" (every two years) and annual intercollegiate and international scientific and practical student conference - "Ukrainian culture: yesterday, today and always," "speaking and the art of rhetoric ", " Shevchenko reading", "Master of literacy", "Natural and artificial languages ​​in social interaction", national and university competitions.