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Storytelling – one of the best ways to influence the audience

Події та новини кафедри

Our brain works on the principle of associations. He compares new information with previous experience. History has the same principle. This makes it easier for people to understand and memorize stories.

Storytelling is an effective method of conveying information to the audience by telling funny, touching or instructive stories with real or fictional characters. Storytelling includes different areas – it is closely intertwined psychology and pedagogy, didactics and acting. Here, the greater your vocabulary, the more self-confidence you have; the more inquisitive the mind, the better the stories.

Storytelling in communication is the transfer of the necessary meanings in the form of history, the use of the form of history in order to gain a person's attention and provide him with the necessary motivation. To force a person to perform a certain action, it is necessary to make him feel something. Storytelling is a complex way that evokes emotion in a person reading a text. And what is connected with emotions, a person remembers much better than facts (even the most unusual) and numbers (even the most significant). The story remains in the memory without any effort on our part. She encourages the audience to think: what would happen if the hero did otherwise, if he could – then I can. In addition, the life story evokes trust and finds a response in the soul.