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Sofia Rusova: in the struggle for the Ukrainian ideal

Події та новини кафедри

Sofia Rusova (1856-1940) - an outstanding educator, guardian of the achievements of Ukrainian culture, public figure, an ardent supporter of the preservation and development of the Ukrainian language, increasing the development of the national system of education and upbringing.

Before Ukraine gained independence, few people knew, few mentioned Sofia Rusova, and her works were banned altogether. While working in Ukraine and abroad, Rusova developed her own system of national education. She is the author of the "Ukrainian Primer", as well as textbooks "Initial Geography", "Initial Textbook of French".

The most famous in the scientific world are the works of Sophia Rusova in the field of pedagogy. She shared her thoughts on the pages of the first Ukrainian-language pedagogical magazine "Light". S. Rusova developed the concept of education with a national bias, emphasizing that "a nation is born in a cradle."