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Reshetilov Kirilo 

EXPERIENCE OF THE RUSSIAN-UKRAINIAN                                                                        DICTIONARIES

                               WELDING OF TERMS

   Transition of the education system in the Ukrainian language of instruction, carried out in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of the language set for teachers, scientists and linguists number of significant scientific, technical, methodological problems.
    In practical terms, these objectives are the creation of a modernrminology base of the natural sciences and the publication of various reference books in Ukrainian schools.
    Occupy a special place in our time, terminological dictionaries, which are needed to scientists, engineers, teachers, students of various specialties. Dictionaries of this type of workers needed publishers and editors, engineering staff in the workplace.
    Glossaries, in addition to its direct purpose - to give the Ukrainian translation of Russian terms, are intended to contribute to the normalization of Ukrainian scientific and technical terminology.