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Excursion to the museum of books and printing of Ukraine

Події та новини кафедри

First-year students of the Faculty of Linguistics visited the Museum of Books and Printing of Ukraine. The event was held as part of the study of the course "Modern Ukrainian language and culture". “It was interesting to look at the real monuments of ancient prints, which we knew from the humanities courses”, - the students noted.

These are just a few pearls of the museum's collection, which we got acquainted with: "The Gospel of Ostromir", "The Gospel of Peresopnytsia", "The Apostle" by Ivan Fedorov, "Svyatoslav's Collections", "Lexicon of Pamva Berinda". The museum guide told interesting facts about handwriting, book printing, paper production, creation of miniatures, lithographs, etchings, decoration of covers and making metal book covers, change of font types etc.

The marble master class was a wonderful end to the tour. It is a technique of drawing on water and transferring an image to a sheet, it was invented in Turkey and used to make covers.

The tour had practical and educational, moral and aesthetic significance.

We thank the museum staff for their hospitality and willingness to work outside working hours!

Ph.D. Victoriia ZAVADSKA