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Dichotomy of literariness / non-literariness

Події та новини кафедри

The problem of the dichotomy of literariness / non-literariness in the linguistics studies is becoming the subject of an increasing number of new philosophical and aesthetic researches. The crisis of the modernist epistem in the twentieth century led to the search for new horizons of interpretive practices (discursive, narrative, textual), endowed mainly with linguistic-philosophical and cognitive essence. Problematic aspects of non-literariness in art in general, in the literary text in particular, have been exacerbated by the claims of various scientific fields to recognize the right of this concept as one of their main subjects of study.

For example, linguists of the text sought considered non-literariness exclusively in the stream of universal grammar of the text researchers of semiotics of the text relied on its structural-symbolic, cultural-code organization, etc. The text semiotics (for example, Yu. Lotman, B. Gasparov) considers non-literariness only in connection with its antonymous concept — literariness. The distinction between literariness and non-literariness is analyzed through the concepts of systematizing and wholeness, which, in turn, are extrapolated to the concepts of discreteness and continuity of the text. These dichotomous positions are due to the specifics of heterogeneous human consciousness.