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Problems of teaching rhetoric in technical higher education

Події та новини кафедри

The modern approach to language education requires the comprehensive development of a competent person who is able to use language justifiably and competently in a variety of situations. Applicants, and then - professionals, must be able not only to speak their native language, but also to build meaningful, grammatically and stylistically competent expression depending on the communication situation. The ability to communicate with each other is one of the most important achievements of mankind acquired by man in the course of evolution. Each of us constantly needs to learn the art of communication, to practice continuously, to improve our communication skills. If we know how to construct statements competently, then we know how to clearly express our thoughts, ideas, views, suggestions and recommendations, which means that we can achieve our goal in the shortest way in any area of ​​our activity. This skill is called presentation literacy or rhetorical competence.