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International theater day

Події та новини кафедри

World Theater Day is an international professional holiday of all theater workers, celebrated around the planet every year on March 27. This holiday is traditionally held under the motto: "Theater as a means of mutual understanding and strengthening peace between nations." "World Theater Day" was established in 1961 at the initiative of the delegates of the IX Congress of the International Institute of Theater (MIT) (French Institut international du théâtre) at UNESCO (founded in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in 1948).

The first theaters appeared in Greece, then in China, India, and in the 10th century the shoots of the European theater appeared. The word "theater" comes from the Greek "theatron" and means a place for spectacles and also a place intended for the display of dramatic works of art in front of an audience. In ancient Greece, theater began to take shape as an art, and clear definitions of tragedy and comedy, as well as other theatrical forms, were established. The origin of the Greek theater is associated with the holidays in honor of the god of viticulture, Dionysus. Participants in the processions depicted the retinue of Dionysus and, putting on goat skins, sang and danced (the word "tragedy" in translation from Greek means "hymn of the goats"). The historical origin of the theater indicates the obligatory participation in the tragedies of the chorus, with which at first the only actor entered into dialogues, later the number of actors increased to three.