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90 years since the birth of Hryhor Tyutyunnyk

Події та новини кафедри

March 5, 2021 marks the 90th anniversary of the birth of Ukrainian writer, sixties, novelist, teacher and translator H. Tyutyunnyk.

In 1957 he entered Kharkiv University at the Faculty of Philology, where he became interested in literary work. He works as an editor in
the magazine "Ray", the newspaper "Literary Ukraine", and eventually in the publishing houses "Rainbow" and "Youth".

In the early 70's G. Tyutyunnyk works in the publishing house "Rainbow" and at this time publishes works for children, including: desktop book-calendar "Twelve Months", "Lasochka", "Steppe Tale", "Night Thief" and others. In 1980, G. Tyutyunnyk received the Lesya Ukrainka Prize for his novel Klimko.

Hryhir Tyutyunnyk also translated works by V. Shukshin, V. Sokolov-Mykytov, M. Ostrovsky, Erich Raspe, and others.

Hryhir Tyutyunnyk was awarded the Shevchenko Prize in 1989 for a two-volume work published after the writer's death. The artist was a very talented man, so his contribution to the life of Ukraine is invaluable to contemporaries.