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Features jargon in speech software

Події та новини кафедри

Vladislav Tymoshenko
FPM, ME - 51

Features jargon in speech software

The report was informed about the features of slang vocabulary that is used to describe a wide range of special concepts - concepts of object attributes process. Z'yasuvuvalos that vocabulary, including slang subsystem is a separate language, which have their own specifics phenomenon of synonymy, ambiguity. In the field of computer technology, these phenomena are limited, due to reticence and isolation areas of communication. In terms of derivation can say that the ways in which the updated lexical composition computer jargon, are extremely diverse and include almost all known patterns of word formation. Slang vocabulary deeply embedded in language. In the scientific literature slang vocabulary usually given a negative evaluation, it takes place in the peripheral language. But, in my opinion, in the field of computer technology, it performs important functions that justify its existence.

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