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Наукова добросовісність і етика вченого

Події та новини кафедри

Krivenko Peter
FPM, ME - 51

The report on scientific integrity and ethics scholar informed of Rights, which legally distributed in Ukraine, including the right of reproduction and distribution copy of a work by any means; import copy of a work intended to spread, analyzed how carried out the implementation of public display or perform scientific work publicly reported work to the public by means of transfer in the air or by cable or by other similar means or in such a way that any person may have to access it online from anywhere at any time, at its option, append shift work, find ourselves obliged, arrange or otherwise adapt the work to be recognized as the author of a work permit or prohibit the use of the work under the real name of the author, pseudonym or no name, ie anonymously authorize or prohibit the publication of works in any form, including the right to withdraw the work at any time of disclosure, to protect the product, including its name from any distortions that may harm the honor and the dignity of the author.

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