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Ukrainian culture of the late XX – early XXI century

Події та новини кафедри

Student scientific-practical seminar
"Ukrainian culture of the late XX – early XXI century"

21 December 2016 was held a scientific-practical seminar III year students of FPM NTUU "KPI" on the topic "Ukrainian culture of the late XX –early XXI century."

The organizing Committee: Assoc. Luk’Yanchuk, L. Ya.

The performance of students.

1. Stilic G.  Media culture of the information society. KP 41
2. Marinin S.  the Display component of the information war. KM 41
3. Abramov A. Functioning of language in the media. KP 42
4. lysohora D.  Language social networking, chat rooms, and blogs . KP 42
5. Krupenko D.  Manipulation in the mass media. KM 43
6. Glinski V.  Slang as a linguistic phenomenon in modern youth. KP 41
7. Polisac A.  Borrowings in the Ukrainian language: the problems of development. KM 42
8. Miroshnikov Is.  Ukrainian phraseology: composition, sources, and conceptual analysis. KM 42
9. Severin A.   Hypertext — the future of literature. KP 41
10. Germanovich Sec.  The language of advertising. KM 41
11. Chepurnoy A.  the Language of advertising. KP 42
12. Chmielewski N. Artistic peculiarities of impressionism in literature. KP 42
13. Gupalo T.  Elements of traditional culture in the modern wedding ceremony. KM 41
14. Patcyuk A.  Wedding towels as elements of traditional culture in a modern, traditional ceremony. KM 43
15. Korzun V.  Tourist potential of Ukraine. KP 41
16. Semeniv B. Hitching a ride: the modern tradition of communication. KM 41
17. Boschi A. Prospects of development of Ukrainian culture in the twenty-first century. KP 42